Connie is a content creator.

She’s a social media savvy pop culture nerd, who writes, reads, photographs, podcasts, and, most often of all, tweets. She’s currently the corporate social media manager at Scholastic (!). She started her professional career at the New York Daily News as a writer, before her last role at TIME for Kids as a writer and social media manager. She’s written at a lot of places on the internet*. On the pop culture side, Connie is an editor and podcaster for the website Black Girls Create, which like her lives at the intersection of creation and critical fandom.

*A lot of places on the internet includes: New York Daily News and the TV Editor for Black Girl Nerds. Her other writing has been featured in io9, Buzzfeed, SheKnows, PolygonShondaland, IndiewireThe Mary Sue, Hello Giggles, The Nerds of Color, Just About Write, and Bitch Flicks, among others. She also hosts a Doctor Who podcast called Time and Relative Blackness in Space.

She’s also interviewed Christopher Eccleston at NYCC19. It was fantastic.

When not personality typing every character in pop culture or writing about the TARDIS, she’s probably tweeting from the Hufflepuff common room at 3 am, trying to close at least one of 37 tabs.

See some of her freelance pieces on TV reviews/news/criticism, nerd culture, and issues of diversity and representation by clicking on the Portfolio links in the menu bar.   Contact her to book her for panels or hire her for writing.

Highlighted Clips

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Connie is also occasionally a photographer at and has a Bookstagram for diverse kids books called @BrownKidsOnTheCover.