Something Like That (aka The One with All My New Girl Feelings)

Something Like That (aka The One with All My New Girl Feelings).
Nerdy Girl Notes usually says all I need to say about the shows we have in common. Here are her thoughts on New Girl, which had probably it’s best episode last night, which mirror my thoughts. I’m still working on how I want to use this blog (how I want to talk about TV, whether just random thoughts or weekly things), so this is just an aside for now. NGN is a blog inspiration though. blogspiration?

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  1. Katie says:

    Oh my goodness – thanks so much for the shoutout! I’m flattered beyond belief that you consider NGN a blogspiration. *blushes* I love your blog, and I can’t wait to see it develop into exactly what you want it to be. That’s the key—write about what you feel passionate about (the shows, the moments, the ideas), and it’ll all fall into place. 😀

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