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Hey, if you’ve come across the site, please take a moment to say hi! Let me know where you come from! What interests you about this blog?
Wordpress analytics only tell me so much. What’s happening out there that I don’t know about? General, fun TV stuff (no, I don’t watch House of Cards yet, sorry), as well as matters of diversity in television.
Even if you continue to lurk, thanks for checking out ConStar Studies TV!
Twitter: @ConStar24


  1. Shayla says:

    Hello! My name is Shayla & you just favorites a tweet I had & I checked out your profile & it seems like we have a lot in common. I’m a huge TV watcher and have a ton to say. I have a blog of my own or, you can insert any TV network in the BlogSpot address, I wanted to separate my blogs in a different fashion than wordpress or other hosting sites offered so I just started my own webpage. I blog about all TV but I like to latch onto a show or write an article about intelligent aspects of shows that can be related to actual life. I’m big on making predictions as so many viewers don’t pay attention to the foreshadowing. I followed you on twitter and would love a follow back, I think we might have a lot to talk about! 😀

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