‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club MVP of the Week: Art; plus some thoughts on Beth Childs

This week’s Orphan Black Clone Club MVP was hard to pin down. When I started this series, I wanted to just focus on our Leda clones, our Tatiana Maslanys. But this season has expanded its storytelling past the ladies on to an ever-growing cast of characters spread out across this world, so it’s only fair that the MVP nominations extend to the entire cast. This week’s MVP was hard to choose—Gracie almost made the cut—but Art is truly one of Clone Club’s Most Valuable Players.
This week on Orphan Black, Art helps Sarah track down one of Johannsen’s (Gracie’s father who impregnated her and Helena) former allies, who might have information on the Castor and Leda originals.

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And can I just say how interesting it is that they’re still including Beth in the story? She died three seasons ago and her presence is still felt throughout Clone Club. I would love a flashback episode or series of scenes that explore her life before she killed Maggie Chen, showing her partnership with Art. What drew him to her? Did she love him back? What did her early relationship with Cosima and Alison look like. And what were her final hours like, the decision to kill herself must have taken a lot, she already knew Helena was coming after them. Was she heading her off at the pass or was that not even in her mind? Ponder Beth with me and let’s appreciate Detective Arthur Bell.


  1. Art is that dude. Despite his perpetual anger in EVERY scene he is in, I think it’s pretty frickin’ awesome that he’s finally revealed why he’s looking so grim all the time. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing if the Paul-Cal-Sarah triangle turns into a square. I don’t feel like it will but, I get this sneaking suspicion that he’ll end up growing feelings for Sarah just like he did for Beth.

    • Connie says:

      Yeah, I sort of hope not, I hope it remains platonic, but I’d love to see what Beth and arts relationship looked like. I want to know the ways in which Sarah and Beth were different. But man must it suck for art to keep meeting these women who look like the girl he loved. Haunted every day and he continues to place himself around them by choice. Poor guy. You’re right about his perpetual anger. I hope we get to see his lighter side soon as well.

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