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Connie is a writer, editor, and podcaster living in NYC. She currently a writer for a children's magazine and a writer/editor at Black Girls Create. Her other writing has been featured in Buzzfeed, Shondaland, Polygon, She Knows, The Mary Sue, and The Nerds of Color, among others. Follow her on Twitter: @ConStar24

‘4 Weddings and a Funeral’ Had a Duffy Problem

Hulu’s very loose Four Weddings and a Funeral remake was (mostly) a delightful rom-com mini-series produced by Mindy Kaling. Taking the update of the 1994 film on its own, the show provided me with the warm, fuzzy, and not grim!dark TV feels I’ve been lacking recently. I really looked forward to it every week and think it mostly succeeded in fulfilling a hole in my TV viewing desires. It was a diverse show about love and relationships without the cloying and emotionally manipulative pulling of deeper emotions attempted by shows like This is Us (which I like), A Million Little Things (which I kinda gave up on), and The Village (which I hated the commercials for). But despite its diversity, both on screen and behind the camera, the show had a Duffy Problem.

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San Diego Comic-Connie 2016 & Other Updates


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SDCC Adventures

I’ve dreamed of going to SDCC since maybe high school — I don’t remember exactly when but it’s around the time I realized that most of my favorite TV shows had panels there. I’ve never left the East Coast and never had enough money to sacrifice to the cause. But because of God, the Internet (Twitter and Black Girl Nerds specifically), Robyn who let me stay at her family home for free, and even the three months I worked full time at a job that drained me emotionally, I was able to make my way to California for the first time and go to San Diego Comic-Con.
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ConQnA: Lynnie Purcell

ConQnA #2 features Lynnie Purcell! Lynnie and I know each other from being Just About Write TV recap staff buddies. We’ve chatted about screenwriting a few times and Lynnie was just always super encouraging! Lynnie lives in LA, pursuing her writing, and has written a few books, one of which is available for FREE online right now! Visit her website, check out her Just About Write reviews, and follow her on Twitter!

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ConQnA: Dramatic Writing Interview Series

I’ve realized over the last year that I’ve gained quite a few screenwriting friends.
Whether just becoming interested or been writing scripts for a few years, I have quite a few friends who at least know what Final Draft is and intend to use it soon. Because of this, because I’d love to have a solid reason for more content on my blog, and because it’s always good to hear about people’s writing journeys, I’m starting a ConQnA series! (I’m a little on how Con worked its way in there…)
Basically, I will interview my friends (and whoever else wants to jump in — email me below) and post their responses here.
I think it will be good to explore what inspired others to become TV writers — and screenwriters and playwrights, because I don’t discriminate against medium (except reality. I middle-key discriminate against reality TV folk). Also, in this #OscarsSoWhite era, it is important to me to highlight my friends of color who want to write for TV and Film (and Theater). Our voices need to be heard as much as possible. The early stages of writing a project is often a great place to begin your diversity and inclusion — by the time it gets to the screen/stage, it feels more authentic.
Next week, I will be uploading these interviews. I’m excited! I’ve already gotten a couple and it makes me so happy that these friends of mine want to support this project of mine. I’m also proud of myself that I finally took the initiative to ask them to do it — something that’s not always easy for me as an introvert and a procrastinator. I’ve made great strides in starting projects in 2016 — which I hope continues (and becomes a lucrative adventure).
If you’d like to be apart of this series, please email me at [email protected]. Include ConQnA in your subject so I know what it’s in regards to.
First ConQnA Post next Tuesday! Then weekly after that for as long as I have interviews to post.
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NOC Recaps Arrow 4×06: There’s No Place Like Immediately Leaving Home | thenerdsofcolor

ConStar Watches, young black girl watching tv, black girl watching tv

My latest Arrow recap! Another Hamilton the Musical filled one, where I just couldn’t help myself. Heading subtitles include:

  • In Which Felicity Needs to Take A Break
  • I’m a General, Wheee!
  • That’s That Little Guy Who Spoke to Me
  • Teach ‘Em How to Say Goodbye

Check it out here: NOC Recaps Arrow: There’s No Place Like Immediately Leaving Home | thenerdsofcolor

Jane the Virgin 2×05 “Chapter Twenty-Seven” (Insert Britney Spears Pun Here) [Contributor: Connie] ~ Just About Write

ConStar Watches, young black girl watching tv, black girl watching tv

I knew Michael’s winning streak wouldn’t last very long. Read my Jane the Virgin Chapter 27 recap!

What’s between snowflakes and flower petals? Maybe rain, baby tears? Whatever it is, Jane is in that in between state now. Neither Michael nor Rafael have come away with her affection, because she’s realized she should focus all of that affection on Mateo.

Click me baby, one more time: Jane the Virgin 2×05 “Chapter Twenty-Seven” (Insert Britney Spears Pun Here) [Contributor: Connie] ~ Just About Write