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Link: More Diversity in Prime Time: It’s Not Your Imagination – The Root

More Diversity in Prime Time: It’s Not Your Imagination – The Root
This article mostly talk about black-ish in the aftermath of it’s premiere yesterday, but it also spotlights Jane the Virgin, which I must say was probably my favorite pilot this fall. Check it out!
Also check out two more articles regarding blackish:
In ABC’s ‘Black-ish,’ everyone has racial issues [Washington Post]
Black-ish: “Pilot”: Don’t call it the black Modern Family [AV Club]

ConStar's Pilot Watch: Jane the Virgin

I'd kinda wanted to watch this, and now I *really* want to watch this. Jane the Virgin is original and diverse and is laying the seeds for some fun, dramatic storytelling, with tellanovella twists.

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ConStar's Pilot Watch: The Flash

Of course I'm going to watch The Flash, who do you think I am? Helps that I'm obsessed with Arrow and there are a couple of crossovers already in the works. The CW is getting a lot of my viewership this fall.

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Constar's Pilot Watch: Gotham

Gotham started off with a strong pilot, even better aesthetics, and with a sneak peak at Gotham villains old and new. It'll be fun to delve into this seedy world; how much farther can Gotham fall before needing the Batman?

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ConStar's Pilot Watch: Red Band Society

It might not be The Fault in Our Stars, but Red Band Society was nicely done. It's cute and fun and has a lot of story and character potential. But it is also a great opportunity to add more diversity to its already diverse cast. Let's hope the writing gets even stronger and allows people of all colors and capabilities to be represented on television.

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ConStar's Pilot Watch: Cristela

Cristela started off a bit rough, but pleasantly surprised me in the end. A solid show featuring a funny Latino family with an opportunity to break stereotypes along the way.

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