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'Veronica Mars' will grace us with her presence on March 14th!! (via Inside Movies |

‘Veronica Mars’ movie gets a release date | Inside Movies |
I AM SO EXCITED!! Three months is a long time and I cannot wait! Soon we’ll be back with Veronica Mars and the gang in Neptune. It’s a fan of a cancelled show’s dream come true. Now I just need the movie to give me some good Veronica/Logan and I’ll be a happy camper!
Click the link to watch a clip!!
Get excited Marshmallows!!!!!

How to successfully use the internet to revive a show: The Veronica Mars story

“Thanks to the internet, the life span of a TV show no longer ends when it is canceled but it can live on and discover new fans as long as people are willing to talk about it. While the circumstances under which they are being made are different, this is the same phenomenon that prompted Netflix to revive Arrested Development.”
I’m super excited about this (the Kickstarter received its $2mil goal) but am too tired to properly write about it, so here is TVExamined. But this is something I think we’ll see more of in the future. Zac Levi of Chuck fame tweeted about this method being a way to get a Chuck movie. Thankfully we got our Firefly movie and Arrested Development fans are getting another season, but there are so many shows with so many devoted fans who just want some completion. For a way to get back to one of their favorite TV hometowns and hang out with their friends one last time. I for one can’t wait until this is made, I binge watched Veronica Mars are few years ago and loved it. All shows with massive cult followings are fluttering to their own kickstarter pages as we speak (can I get some Pushing Daisies producers/stars to start one? Because I need more of that in my life ASAP.)