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Watch 'Record/Play' Now – Time-Bending Contender For Best Live-Action Short Film Oscar | Shadow and Act

Watch ‘Record/Play’ Now – Time-Bending Contender For Best Live-Action Short Film Oscar | Shadow and Act.
It’s very Afrofuturistic . I would love to think of and write something like this. I really have to start thinking shorter–not everything has to be full feature length (not that I’ve tried, but brief ideas come into my head and they never seem complex enough. Just stuff complex into a smaller package! One way to get started at least.) I love time travel and I think it had a pretty cool twist, especially in regards to him getting hurt in the past and it translating to the present day. I think I wish there’d been a little more with regards to his getting hurt–does it heal once he removes the tape pieces? I suppose that’s the case and it isnt strictly necessary (it would definitely bog down the storytelling), but just a brief thought I had.
It’s very brief, little words, but lots of thought, action, and even emotion. I really enjoyed this! I hope it gets the Oscar nomination. The article says it could even be adapted to feature length. This short piece seems about perfect, but a feature would be interesting, and I would need them to keep the PoCs in order for me to care (it’s a shame that it isn’t obvious that they would do so).

ConStar Watches Almost Human Episodes 1 and 2

I’ve been looking forward to Almost Human for a while. I’ve been enjoying FOX’s apparent commitment to diversity, and knew I wanted to check out this show for two reasons: its futuristic element and its black co-star Michael Ealy.
The two leads have a great chemistry together that works both during action and also comedically.
It’s clear that so far it will be a classic procedural type show, with futuristic crime fighting and androids. I think the story arc of the case that went wrong and the missing girlfriend will be interested, especially the girlfriend. I have a couple of theories as to who she is and why she disappeared, but I suppose we’ll find out more soon enough. My initial theory is that she is an android but he didn’t know it.
I think I like it so far. Some of the case stuff blazes past me, but that’s just how I am with procedurals. I tend to watch for the characters as opposed to the case (unless it’s a really good, twisty mystery).
I can’t wait for tumblr and gif-makers start to make gifs of Michael Ealy’s facial expressions, because they are hilarious and awesome.
I don’t think I care about Minka Kelly and I sense no chemistry between her and Kennex for me to care at all. =/
It’s a really interesting move that two of the most genre’d procedurals on the network are going to be aired the same night, both with black/white duos, with a focus on another time, and missing ex-love interests plus current ones. I dunno, there is something actually very similar about both of these shows. I hope they pair well together. Didn’t seem like too much for me tonight when I watched live and in succession.
Until next week! We’ll see how it goes.